La Esperanza a Paradise in the Highest

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Hill of the Bauxite Holes

Holly Week Sandwood Rugs

Waterfalls Chorera Aspera Rough Waterfalls

Chiligatoro Lagun

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Downtown La Esperanza and Intibuca Cities

Many hotels have opened new to the area, offering a very acceptable accommodation. Perhaps the most unique is the Los Pinos Hotel, located about 3 kilometers from the city on the road Siguatepeque. This new hotel is surrounded by pine trees and offers comfortable rooms decorated with an artistic touch in a beautiful landscape. Property of an expatriate Iranian who moved to Honduras and was married here, your hosts are very friendly which will ensure a comfortable stay 
In town, you can find other good hotels such as Hotel La Esperanza has been a pioneer in hotel of the city founded by the Lady Silvia Palencia, but is now managed by her daughter Patricia Palencia which of course is one of the favorite for nationals home and abroad.

We can also find other hotels like the Hotel Mina Palace, Titos Colonial Hotel, Hotel Batres, Hotel Ipsah Nah, Arroyo Hotel, Family Hotel Plaza, Hotel Wawa. Hotel Molino Real, Las Cabanas de Carlos


Hotel Margaritas

Hotel La Esperanza

Hotel Ipsan Nah

Hotel El Molino

Hotel Francisco de Asis

Tourist Attractions

Azacualpa Valley


Among other attractions to be found in the city and visitors can enjoy them are:

The Public Baths Quiscamote

It is a tourist recreational place of grassroots and indigenous identity, which dates back to 1902. Now continues to function as public baths, two fresh water streams that spring from the mountain and the locals like to enjoy.

There is a playground suitable to promote family harmony, to relax, read or recreational activity. It also keeps the public launderers, which are shared by all people who prefer to wash by hand in the sun room and the clothes on the grass. This place has history: here operated the first flour mill in Honduras.

Walk the Grotto

The Grotto is an icon of the city. It is a chapel built in a stone cave. To reach it you have to climb a staircase, which according to refer, was built by inmates at the prison, at the time of the Commander of Arms, J. Agnes Perez.

This is a very desired ride for locals and visitors as a lookout for other, very interesting. In the chapel is the Virgin of Fatima Catholic parish and there are some important holidays celebrated as the Crucifixion and the Entombment in Holy Week.

Chiligatoro Lagoon and Old Mother Lagun

Arriving at La Esperanza, on the banks of the modern road leading from Siguatepeque, lies the picturesque Laguna Madre Vieja, while the highest area of ​​the municipality of Intibucá (over 1,600 meters above sea level) is another lagoon known as Chiligatoro.

Both fresh water bodies are part of the natural and tourist sites in this area, however, that to date have been little studied and details are unknown depth, scope, type and other biodiversity.

During the summer season, especially at Easter, both lakes are enjoyed by large numbers of local visitors and from other parts of the country. For that matter, according to statistics from the village board of Chiligatoro, this lake received about 2,500 tourists in the summer holidays this year.

You can also enjoy a boat ride across the lagoon, fishing with bait, buy carnations grown in the same place or simply enjoy the scenery

Elfin forest park

If you want to know a very millenario be sure you know the trees Dwarf park located about 3 kilometers from the city to the west of the city near the Dam Electric Esperanza.Comunmente called The Posona.Este is another of the attractions that have the esperanzanos and intibucanos. There are about 500 trees, most of it not to exceed two feet in height.

They are located in the area known as La Esmeralda, a sparsely populated place. In the opinion of the few biologists who have visited, the nature of the parasites that have these trees in their trunks and branches, they can easily have over 100 years of these in this region, where soils are similar to volcanic what may be a possible explanation for its diminutive size.

View a forest of tiny trees with flowers, fruits or even more, with thillansia or chicken is really spectacular.

Experts from the Directorate of Biodiversity of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (SERNA), today organized a study to determine scientifically all the features of this dwarf forest, while managing their legal protection and management program and use eco-tourism actively involving the authorities and institutions in the area

In the municipality of Llamatranguila also have Yamaranguila the majestic waterfall a few miles of the Town of Yamaranguila.

Hill of Holes

One of the most enigmatic in the area known as Los Hoyos. Located on the top of the mountains that surround La Esperanza, in a plain which offers beautiful views Azacualpa Valley, the vast vegetable Intibucá. The Hole is named after a series of almost perfectly cylindrical holes are randomly distributed in the soil. These holes have a series of different depths, and a diameter of about 100 cm. each. Because they are inside a cloud forest with lush vegetation is imperative to walk carefully and stay on the path to avoid falling into them. Theories abound as to how and who made the mysterious excavations. Some of the most common were mines suggest that obsidian, which abounds in this area. Of course no shortage of theories of extraterrestrial origin of these strange formations. Whichever the case, the fact is that there is no specific scientific studies that might point to confirm any theory. Undoubtedly, one of the attractions of the site is the cloud forest vegetation in the area, with its many calofilos and abundance of ferns. The site is close to the hill Cedral, with 2.045 m above sea level is the highest point in the immediate area.

To reach holes you can walk from La Esperanza. The travel time to reach about one hour and half, because most of the path is promoted. We must take the road to the Valley via Quiaterique Azacualpa. Once you pass in front of the School of Los Olivos, Yamaranguila Township should continue about 500 meters out this site that still retains its lush cloud forest. There you will find a cornfield and a small house, where you can ask for the path to guide him through the cornfield to the Holes. In the small house can you hire one of the children as a guide to take you to the pits.

Azacualpa Valley 

The beauty Azacualpa Valley is surpassed only by the authentic communal life of its inhabitants, who preserve the traditions and ancient farming methods, passed down from generation to generation orally